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Comuters are constantly becoming more central to daily life. Far from the early days of basic word processing and simple games,

today’s computers are entertainment hubs, photo archives, financial records, communication devices, shopping centers, research tools, and more. At MytekGuy in Maryland we can solve any problems you may be experiencing or help you add new features to the technology in your home.

Computer Repair

Computer problems can be a trying experience. Between losing the ability to use your computer, the frustration of inexperienced “tech support,” and the uncertainty of how much repairs may cost, it’s enough to cause anyone some serious stress.

That’s where MyTekGuy in Maryland comes in.

Our Computer Services have simple, flat rates with low-cost diagnostics so you’ll never be stuck paying more than your computer is worth. Our certified, experienced technicians will take the time to talk to you and explain the problems and solutions in a way that makes sense.

Desktop or notebook, PC or Mac, if you’re encountering problems such as:

• Computer will not turn on or randomly shuts off

• Will not load operating system

• Error messages and Blue Screens

• Virus notifications and Pop-Ups

• Slow performance

• Loss of email or internet access


Call MyTekGuy Maryland and get your problems solved.

Upgrades and New Systems

Modern programs, websites, and games demand a lot from your computer. If your system doesn’t have the space or speed you need, it could be time for an upgrade. MyTekGuy will evaluate your computer free of charge to help you decide if an upgrade will get you the performance you need.

When it is time for a new system, consider a new PC from MyTekGuy in Maryland. We offer a variety of quality notebook computers and custom-built desktop PCs.

In-Home and Remote Services

MyTekGuy proudly offers the same premium technical assistance in the convenience of your own home. Don’t take chances with “that kid down the street” or someone that may be here today and gone tomorrow. Your MyTekGuy technician will be certified and experienced. And, since we have full office and field staff, we will always answer your calls and have someone available without lengthy waits.

For even more convenience, try our Remote Access Service. As long as you have internet access a MyTekGuy technician can, in a matter of minutes, securely log into your PC or Mac with full visibility and control. This allows us to easily detect and repair many problems quickly, saving you time and money.

If you’d like assistance with issues or projects such as:

• Internet and Email Problems

• General Maintenance and Tune-up

• Wireless network configuration and maintenance

• Printer and File Sharing

• Home theater integration

• Hardware and Software training

We provide same day or next day computer repair, laptop repair, virus removal
for Business and Residentials in Maryland and cities across the Washington DC Metro Area
Maryland, Northern Virginia and Washington DC