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Laptop Repair

  • Repairing damaged screens
  • Replacing damaged hard drives
  • Upgrading memory to supercharge your laptop’s computing ability
  • Installing operating systems and other types of software
  • Fixing damaged or stuck keyboard keys
  • Backing up valuable data and more!



MyTekGuy in Maryland custom scan procedure cleans viruses, spyware, and other

threats more effectively than other methods. Over 90% of the time threats

can be eliminated without re-installing the operating system. This saves

you the inconvenience of reinstalling software, importing data, and

restoring all user customizations.


Upgrade your computer’s hardware or software for better performance

or function. From basic RAM upgrades to total operating system

replacement, MyTekGuy in Maryland can advise and complete any upgrade that is possible

with your equipment.

Data Transfer

Transfer an unlimited amount of data from one source to another. (Per

disc charge may apply if transferring to or from multiple


Data Integration

When reinstalling Windows or migrating to a new computer, Data

Integration puts files where they belong, restores bookmarks and settings,

imports email, and makes the transition as smooth as


Custom Built New


Top quality PCs built and backed by MyTekGuy in Maryland. Premium parts, premium

service, affordable prices.



Set up a new wired or wireless network, or troubleshoot an existing

one, at your home or office.



Allow multiple computers to access shared printers and files at your

home or office.

Technology Consultation


Making decisions about technology purchases can be difficult.

Consultation Service from MyTekGuy in Maryland provides an experienced advisor to

assist the decision-making process.

Data Backup/Disaster


Computers are replaceable, but the data you have created or collected

must be backed up to protect against drive failure, deletion, and

corruption. Also, even if you do back up, if your data is not off-site it

is not protected against catastrophic events like fire, flood, and theft.

MyTekGuy Maryland can provide your home or business with a reliable backup method

to prevent data loss situations, and also prepare a plan to get you up and

running as soon as possible after a catastrophic


Data Recovery

When data loss occurs, recovery may still be possible. MyTekGuy in Maryland

handles recovery in-house in the event of corruption, deletion, or

early-stage drive errors. In the event of severe mechanical failure,

MyTekGuy partners with top-tier data recovery companies to provide you

with the best opportunity to get your data back.

Managed IT


Proactive maintenance and 24/7 monitoring provide higher reliability,

increased productivity, and overall reduced cost for businesses with 1-100


We provide same day or next day computer repair, laptop repair, virus removal
for Business and Residentials in Maryland and cities across the Washington DC Metro Area
Maryland, Northern Virginia and Washington DC